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"I worship at the altar of Bonnie Cashin."

Jonathan Adler

"Bonnie Cashin is an American fashion institution." 

Bernadine Morris, The New York Times 

 " I think Miss Cashin is one of the greatest designers in the world." 

Hubert de Givenchy


"You are the most original and creative talent we have." 

Normal Norell 

"Fantastic.  So American." 

Christian Dior

"A single idea can give birth to a product worth infinite millions.  Jeans and trainers are the foremost innovative fashion of recent decades.  Bonnie Cashin's  'democratic look' is a reasonable runner-up." 

The Economist

"Bonnie Cashin is a forerunner of street fashion and one of the most copied designers of the century.  She is called the 'mother of American sportswear' and was ahead of trends not by years, but decades.  It's hard to find a season without inspiration from the Cashin Archives."


"The Bonnie Cashin Archive is a captivating compilation of my aunt's vision and work.  It is an important testimony to both her place in the history of clothing and her ongoing contributions."

Serena Cashin Fix

"Bonnie Cashin, the most copied designer you've never heard of."  Jeremy Lewis, i-D

"She could have been the richest designer in the world, but she has always been so bloody uncompromising." 


"She never gave up her name or worked for anyone but herself.  She is a true American fashion icon."

Petra Slinkard, Peabody Essex Museum

"I see her influence everywhere." 

Donna Karan


"Bonnie is simply the enduring American designer." 

Bill Blass

"Bonnie is simultaneously one of the most prevalent and subtle influences in fashion, both to my career and to the industry at large. Her contributions to the way we perceive color, sportswear, and form are truly the bedrock of American ready-to-wear design, and it’s a privilege to honor her legacy through my work."

Olivia Cheng, Dauphinette

"Oh my god, yes, she influenced me profoundly." 

Isaac Mizrahi

"Cashin vastly influences Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and, by proxy, just about everyone else." 

Amy Larocca, New York Magazine 

"Bonnie Cashin was the greatest. She was unmatched for coats, for handbag design, for innovation and so much more. How fortunate we would have all been if she could have designed forever, though at least her endlessly timeless designs will always live on."

 Tara Donaldson, Executive Editor WWD

"Everyone needs a leader.  For dress and coat designers its Norell, or Balenciaga, Givenchy, St. Laurent.  But in sportswear there’s one Pied Piper at the head of the whole pack – it’s Bonnie Cashin."

Gail Sheehy

"In any number of ways, Cashin seems to have been ahead of her own time and relevant to ours, with innovations with now take for granted as part of fashion's standard vocabulary."

Holly Brubach, 

"Bonnie Cashin is to layering what Thomas Edison is to electricity." 

Eleanor Lambert

"Cashin was famous int he world of Vogue.  The recipient of almost every design honour in the US and Britain, she retreated from the business just as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Donna Karan made her ideas in to empires.  She lived to see her vision vindicated, the world clad in Cashin concepts." 

The Guardian 

"If we look at Cashin’s myriad contributions to the American Look, the fundamental essence of her design aesthetic . . . Cashin understood the needs of the modern American woman in a fundamental way, and there is a clear throughline between her service during war and her legacy as an innovator and pioneer."

Rachel Elspeth Gross

"Keep on being Bonnie Cashin, the bravest designer I know."

Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

"She broke the glass ceiling for women in the fashion industry." 

Female Daily

"Cashin's is the career of a--or perhaps THE--pioneer of American sportswear." 

Fashion Group International

"Bonnie Cashin was a pioneer.  She remains the ultimate sportswear designer with a complete understanding of how women wanted to dress.  Her legacy continues to influence new generations of designers."

  Steven Kolb.  CFDA CEO

"There are pioneers and then there is Bonnie Cashin!  Just when you think you know the whole story about her, you end up learning something new, something fascinating, and something that just makes you want to tell everyone."

John Tiffany

 "Bonnie Cashin was a pioneer way ahead of her time.  Cashin was one of the real creators of American sportswear.  Her contribution to fashion  is as relevant today as it was during her time."

Reed Krakoff

"Bonnie Cashin, the inventor of American sportswear, revolutionized the handbag." 

Suzy Menkes

"Gender-shared outerwear is now commonplace but it was chiefly Cashin's invention."

The Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art 

“ Bonnie Cashin was the epitome of modern. Her clothes had not one whiff of nostalgia, and  that’s why they remain timeless today.” 

Jeffrey Banks


"These clothes are for any woman in her right mind.   . . .  The French should see Bonnie’s clothes – they really would rejuvenate Chanel."

 Bill Cunningham


"The brilliance and timeless modernity of Bonnie Cashin's designs live on, and in a sea of banality and ridiculousness in fashion, they look better than ever!"

  Marilyn Kirschner

"Cashin's influence on the way modern women dress is hard to overestimate."


 "Bonnie Cashin is indisputably one of America’s leading designers.  She truly invented American Sportswear as we know it."

The Fashion Center BID

"I think she's our guardian angel."

Stuart Vevers

"She was a poet."

Stan Herman

 "There is no way you can ever be as diverse, prolific and utterly brilliant as she was." 

Simon Doonan

"She may be the most influential designer you've never heard of.

Her influence has been accepted and absorbed so fully into our everyday fashion vocabulary that it exists without obviousness . . . that her work lives on in myriad, infinite forms--both in various designer's' collections and simply in the ether--is arguably far more significant."

Laura Neilson, Harper's Bazaar 

"Where are her beautiful clothes when we really need them?!"

Betty Halbreich, Bergdorf Goodman

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